Paryatan Parv 2018: Delhi Edition

It was on the Sunday morning when I was flipping through the pages of The Indian Express that the advertisement of Paryatan Parv caught my eye. The Stakeholders left no stone unturned in inviting the people of all ages, Indians, and foreigners from far away places. The advertisements were printed on all the major dailies and the infomercials … Continue reading Paryatan Parv 2018: Delhi Edition


Abdul Rashid Sir : Artist of our decade, light of our lives

There comes a time in everyone's life when he starts questioning the very meaning of his journey. Why is the onus of healing everything lying on time? In the last couple of years I have been losing my idols one at a time. It is not fair. Today, at this very moment the nerves that … Continue reading Abdul Rashid Sir : Artist of our decade, light of our lives

Everything you need to know about the recent #SandPaperGate Scandal

The setting It was the day 3 of the 3rd test of a yet another beautifully set up series in Southern Africa. As expected, South Africa had made a stellar comeback by winning the second test match, after being humbled in the first at the hands of the Aussies. Proteas had gained a handy lead … Continue reading Everything you need to know about the recent #SandPaperGate Scandal

Problems with India’s Education System

               My neighbor’s child, a 13 year old in her most formative years of education had a computer science exam a few days back. She came to our home to prepare as the parents had a wedding to attend. Seeing her all perplexed, I came in to help. I … Continue reading Problems with India’s Education System

How are Bitcoin profits taxed?

India now accounts for about 10% of the global trade in Bitcoin. It is quite interesting to note that even though the Indian government has not granted recognition to the cryptocurrency, it has also not declared it to be illegal. Use of Bitcoin has witnessed an upsurge in India. This can be attributed to many … Continue reading How are Bitcoin profits taxed?

Hedge Funds v/s Mutual Funds

Recent efforts by the Indian government to weed out black money from the economy and increase the tax base have called for a paradigm shift in the way people in India choose to save their money. The pumping out of cash from the economy has brought the citizen to a point where he is considering … Continue reading Hedge Funds v/s Mutual Funds

Invert a Binary Tree

What makes this question special is this tweet. He questions the interview process, I am with him. But whatever it is, it is. Question : Invert a binary tree. Return the root of the inverted tree. 4 / \ 2 7 / \ / \ 1 3 6 9 to 4 / \ 7 2 … Continue reading Invert a Binary Tree