2017 New Year!

[00:42 9th January, 2017]
I am writing this post to the FutureMe, who is going to read it on the next new year, instead of doing a social post, this time around I will be keeping this as a draft to me unedited till the next year arrives.

Am betting a lot on this year, 2017. Been longing for it; for a long time, longer than I remember. It was a cold November evening that could be called hugely responsible for the wait of this year. 2017 should be remembered not because of its nostalgic value but because of the skills that I look forward to acquire this year.

Below am penning down a bucketlist. It may seem too ambitious, but I am going to list it all. Everything which I think would be a joy to do; everything that could make me a better version of me.

  1. Running eachday, everyday.
  2. Run 700 KM this year.
  3. Read 12 books (History/Psychological/Business/Thriller) this year. A book a month.
  4. Wreck at least 2 MOOCs this year. One more than that would be a bonus.
  5. Watch 2 movies a week(Thursdays/Mondays when at home, 2 days out of Friday/Saturday/Sunday), review them if you feel like. This would be the most difficult task for me.
  6. Do podcasts 😀
  7. Learn Swimming.

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