Compare Versions


Given two strings which represent different version releases of a software, print -1, 1 or 0 depending on the order of the releases.

If version1 was released after version2 print 1,
If version1 was released before version2 print -1,
otherwise print 0.

Assumptions granted : Strings may only contain digits and the ‘.'(dot) character and must contain atleast 1 character.

The ‘.’ character does not represent a decimal point and is used to separate number sequences.
For instance, 2.5 is not “two and a half” or “half way to version three”, it is the fifth second-level revision of the second first-level revision.

Here is an example of version numbers ordering:
0.1 < 1.1 < 1.2 < 1.13 < 1.13.4

version number such as 1, 01, 1.0 are equivalent.

I would request you to change tabs or minimize your browser and give a good 30-40 minutes before seeing the solution.

This is a basic implementation based question, the only thing to take care about is the sequence of 0’s that may crept in after a dot.

WordPress is not rendering the code properly so kindly check out the code here on github.

Time Complexity   : O(n), where n is the sum of the lengths of the 2 versions.
Space Complexity  : O(n), where n is the sum of the lengths of the 2 versions.

It can also be done with the space complexity of O(1), with the help of substr function, left as an exercise. 

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