pyDelhi Conference- An Affair with Python

Hey folks,
Did you just lose out on an opportunity to be a part of the pyDelhi conference? Come let’s have a look at it through my lens.

March 5th, 2016 was a much awaited day for me as I attended my first developer’s conference, the Pydelhi Conference. It took place in JNU amidst the beautiful lush green, state of the art campus

After registration formalities we got jet-black tees, with the Python logo over it, a pad and a pen to take away home.

The conference began with Anuvrat giving us the first snack of the day, the internet access ID and password.

It all started with a keynote by Kiran Jonnalagadda, the co-founder of Hasgeek, he talked about how python, savetheinternet campaign and politics are inter-related. It was a great 40 minute absorbing talk along with an intensive discussion on the philosophical and industrial aspects of development.

After this talk, simultaneously 3 talks/workshops started to take place in different rooms. Hence we had options to choose, the first divergence led us to Vagrant and Ansible.

Next in the line up for us was Jaidev Deshpande. I have just started reading about machine learning and data mining so this was one of the talks I was looking forward to. He told us about some good practices to follow while cleaning and validating data. He also told us about his project ‘Pysemantic‘, a data validation model.

The theme of data analysis continued with a workshop on ‘Deep Learning in NLP’, where Rishabh Shukla, made us acquainted with the Theano library used for deep learning. A good discussion went on about the freely available datasets.

Lastly, Manoj Pandey told us about data scraping and his experience with the various web scraping libraries such as Scrapy, BeautifulSoup used.

This conference gave us a great opportunity to interact with some of the most amazing minds working in the field. Be it Manu Gupta, a research scholar at MIT labs or an experienced beast in Gora Mohanty, everyone was up for long chats and exchange of ideas seemed like the only trading currency. This event not only deepened my love for python but also motivated me to take this community one step further. Looking forward to the bigger stage, Pycon India conference 2k16.

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